Anthony Albanese is known as a pragmatic politician willing to work outside ideological lines – and someone whose first taste of politics came as a child. Australia’s new prime minister is from a humble background, reminding supporters of that as he made his acceptance speech on Saturday. “It says a lot about our great country,”
Scientists have long tried to create new allotropes (forms) of carbon because of their versatility and usefulness for the industry. But only limited success was achieved so far. That is set to change now. In a major breakthrough, researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder, US, have successfully synthesised the long-hypothesised “next-generation wonder material” graphyne.
Sky News’ Special Correspondent Alex Crawford is in Bakhmut, a town in the heart of the Donbas region in Ukraine where evidence of new attacks are cropping up. The Russian forces are targeting the centres of heavily built up residential areas. #SkyNews #Ukraine #Russia #frontline For the latest developments in Ukraine: SUBSCRIBE to our
NASA will soon be scaling up its documentation of environmental and societal changes on Earth. The space agency will achieve this by working in collaboration with its partners in Europe and Japan, namely ESA (European Space Agency) and JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency). The collaboration will include utilising all the Earth-observing satellite data available so
The Royal Agricultural University (RAU) is launching a new scholarship scheme to encourage more British students from ethnic minorities to enter the farming sector. The RAU, one of the leading agricultural institutions in the UK, hopes the two undergraduate scholarships will increase diversity and equality in the industry – which is predominately made up of
Elon Musk announced today that Tesla is building a “hardcore litigation department” to “directly initiate and execute lawsuits.” The timing of the effort is strange since it comes right after an allegation of sexual misconduct against the CEO. Musk made the announcement on Twitter: Tesla is building a hardcore litigation department where we directly initiate
A group of Ukrainian women demonstrate to call for further action against Russia near the headquarters of the EU Commission in Brussels, Belgium. Thierry Monasse | Getty Images News | Getty Images LONDON — Reflecting on energy markets just over one month into Russia’s onslaught in Ukraine, Saudi Arabia’s top energy official said: “Look at