Tesla has reportedly filed plans for a 29-stall supercharger and diner/drive-in theater location in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. The location is at 7001 Santa Monica Boulevard at the intersection with Orange Drive. Tesla originally planned to build the diner in the coastal city of Santa Monica, but then moved the plans to Hollywood. Now, perhaps
Monkeypox is something “everybody should be concerned about” and the US is looking into what kind of treatments and vaccines are available, President Joe Biden has said. The World Health Organisation has identified about 80 monkeypox cases globally, and roughly 50 more suspected cases. Cases of the smallpox-related disease have previously been seen only among
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Carpet bombing is indiscriminate – devastatingly destructive and utterly random. But if you’re an advancing army, it’s a deadly and effective tactic, and it’s being used mercilessly against the townspeople of Soledar. The town in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas has seen its topography alter dramatically in the last 72 hours as the Russians intensify their assault